Music room with Stained Glass (detail)

John Henry Dearle, Morris & Co, London


This window is a reproduction of Sir Frank Dicksee's oil painting, "Harmony."

Sir Frank Dicksee (1853 - 1928) was an illustrator, draftsman and painter. Painted in 1877, the medieval setting and costumes in this picture reflect Dicksee's interest in the Pre-Raphaelites. His design for this picture originated in a sketching exercise at the Langham Sketching Club, a group he was a part of while being a student at the Royal Academy School in London. The theme chosen for illustration by members of the club had been 'Music'.

Music had been traditionally associated with the divine, but in the late nineteenth century aesthetes such as the writer Walter Pater focused on its abstract qualities. Immortal ideas are perhaps alluded to in the figure of the girl, who adopts the rapt expression seen in images of Saint Cecilia, patron saint of music.

Music room with Stained Glass (detail)